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We would like to obtain your opinion in this questionnaire regarding the development of an instrumented orthosis for individuals living with foot drop. We are looking for participants for this study. 


Express your interest to be contacted for: 

  • Participate in a research project on foot drop 

  • Complete a questionnaire lasting 30 minutes (patient questionnaire) or 15 minutes (clinician questionnaire) 

  • Participate in a project promoting innovation and the treatment of foot drop 

Inclusion criteria

  • Be aged 18 and over (for all participants); 

  • Having one foot drop to access the patient questionnaire; 


  • Being a clinician who treats patients with foot drop to gain access to clinicians' questionnaire. 



By sending us your contact details (name, email and telephone), you agree to be contacted by our center to be invited to participate in one of our research projects. 


  • Be contacted again to be invited to participate in a research project (no obligation to say yes) 
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