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Five new courses are now available at TOPMED


3D Printing

  • Background and principles of 3D printing
  • Technical, hardware and software presentations
  • Getting started with the machine
  • Autonomous use of equipment


Biomechanical analyzes of and equipment design for the lower limbs

  • Review of the phases of walking
  • Gait analysis, both visually and with equipment(inertial sensors, dynamic foot pressure measurement, cameras)
  • Equipment design in light of the walking pattern (choose one option):
    • Foot orthotics / Prosthetics / Others (knee orthosis, tibia-pedius orthosis, etc.)


Computer-aided Design (CAD) of Foot Orthotics 

  • Review of the phases of walking, gait analysis
  • Review of pathologies
  • Scanning with different scanners and software
  • Pre-treatment and modification of a positive model
  • Foot orthotic design
  • Orthotic carving 


Pathological Limitations, Clinical Evaluation and Equipment

  • Review of pathologies
    • Central and peripheral nervous systems
    • Cardiovascular and pulmonary systems
    • Neurological and neuromuscular disorders
  • Clinical tests for evaluating the patient
    • Amplitude and muscular balance
    • Rotations, twists, and other structural deformations
    • Static and dynamic evaluation
  • Appliance design in light of evaluation



  • Review of limitations in children (congenital malformations, pathologies, etc.)
  • Particularities related to childhood and growth
  • Clinical biomechanical evaluation
  • Recommendations and equipment design relating to the condition

Foot orthotics / Prosthetics / Others (tibia-pedius, corset, cranial, etc.)