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Technological Development

As a Collegial Centre for technology transfer (CCTT) in orthotics, prosthetics and medical equipment, TOPMED develops and carries out applied research projects focused on innovation and technological improvement. We partner with public and private laboratories as well as companies in different areas of expertise such as mechanical, biomechanical and social.

In order to make a technological breakthrough or increase existing potential, TOPMED can help you develop and improve a product or production process in every phase of the production, including evaluation, design and manufacture in the following ways:

  • Elaboration and implementation of projects focused on technological innovation (a new technological breakthrough)
  • Elaboration and implementation of projects focused on technological improvement (increasing existing potential)
  • Development of new products or improving existing products
  • Development of new production processes or improving existing ones


TOPMED can offer you support in the assessment of:

  • New orthotics or prostheses
  • New medical equipment (e.g. commode chair, lifting stretcher)
  • Products for adapted sports (e.g. para-cycling, skiing, climbing)
  • Manufacturing processes (prototype design)
  • Home healthcare products (for seniors, people with disabilities, rehabilitation)


TOPMED can support you in the design and development phase of:

  • Products
  • Preliminary and advanced prototyping
  • Processes

TOPMED can also do the tests and validation.


TOPMED also has the expertise and equipment necessary for the manufacture of:

  • Custom milling (positive models for equipment production)
  • 3D printed parts
  • Tools to develop testbeds (according to your needs)

Technical Support

In order to support companies wishing to modernize and upgrade their technology, TOPMED offers technical support services. We can help you foresee the direction of your business, facilitate integration and implementation of new technologies in your premises and evaluate the production steps for sound waste management. You can count on our experience and professionalism.

We carry out preliminary studies (feasibility, opportunity, market studies) and offer services in segment scanning, computer-aided grinding and design, milling of polyurethane positive models and EVA soles, and developing testbeds for equipment and products.

The technical support is serious at TOPMED, our interventions have helped companies in need and include:

  • Machine tool programming
  • Optimization of production processes
  • Selection of and getting started with specialized equipment
  • Business orientation
  • Transfer of technological know-how
  • Integration and implementation of new technologies within companies
  • Industrial waste management
  • Researching existing products and market innovations in the field

TOPMED is also at the disposal of companies and organizations wishing to validate equipment or products, thereby ensuring their reliability, quality, durability, functionality, safety. For this purpose, we have three research laboratories that carry out mechanical tests. Our team is also qualified to help you in this field with experts in orthotics and prostheses, mechanical and biomedical engineer, biomechanics, materials, chemistry, kinesiology, physiotherapy and special education.


Advanced Training

Combining its own expertise with the resources of Collège Mérici and Collège Montmorency, TOPMED is able to offers specialized training and workforce development. Moreover, thanks to its networks of professional resources, TOPMED can respond to any request from industry regarding materials, products, processes as well as assessment techniques and methodologies. 

More specifically, TOPMED has developed training courses on the following subjects:

  • 3D printing
  • Biomechanical analyzes and design of lower limb devices
  • Design of plantar orthotics by CAD
  • Pathological limitations, clinical evaluation and equipment
  • Orthotics and prostheses in pediatrics

Customized Training

TOPMED knows how to develop educational tools as well as specialized tailor-made training, among others, on:

  • New products
  • New processes
  • Specific equipment (3D printers, milling machines, scanning tools, data acquisition and motion capture tools as well as software)

Technology Watch

TOPMED aims to become a technological hotspot in health in Quebec, as much in the orthotics and prosthetics sector as in rehabilitation, in personalized health and the sports field. TOPMED seeks out innovative technologies and disseminates them to foster business growth. We actively monitor and gather together relevant information on changing needs and technological advances. TOPMED also:

  • Invites companies to visit its premises and participate in conferences
  • Publishes innovations on social media
  • Disseminates knowledge by writing articles in scientific and professional journals, writing technical manuals, and participating in local, national, and international symposiums and congresses

Subsidies and tax credits

Are you interested in receiving subsidies and tax credits?

By working with TOPMED, you will have access to several tax advantages. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.