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Do you need to wear a knee brace because of osteoarthritis ? We need your help !


  • Understanding the effects of the developing knee orthosis on pain in activities of daily living
  • Verifying if there is a link between participants' anthropometry and control of knee osteoarthritis symptoms

Exclusion criteria

  • Knee osteoarthritis with tricompartmental involvement
  • Completion of the initial fitting appointment for your knee brace

Inclusion criteria

  • Aged between 18 and 75 years old
  • Knee osteoarthritis with medial compartement involvement
  • Obtain a regular model of the O3D orthosis in the coming weeks


  • Answer an online questionnaire before using the knee orthosis for the first time (18 minutes).
  • Answer a second online questionnaire 8 weeks after the knee orthosis first use (15 minutes).
  • Consent that your anthropometric data mesured during your initial assessment, as well as the dates of your appointments are communicated to the research team.


Questionnaires will be available online. A link will be given to you by email.
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This project has been approved by the research ethics committee Veritas. No app: 2024-3485-17944-4 and CÉR Mérici : 24-003 05-06-2024